To be a centre of excellence in the management of elections and referendums.
Zimbabwe Electoral CommisionZimbabwe Electoral CommisionZimbabwe Electoral Commision
1 Nelson Mandela Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Electoral CommisionZimbabwe Electoral CommisionZimbabwe Electoral Commision


The ZEC Secretariat

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s (ZEC) Secretariat is headed by a Chief Elections Officer (CEO). The CEO is the administrative and technical head of the Secretariat and directly reports to the Commission through the Chairperson. The CEO is the Accounting Officer. Specifically, the Secretariat consists of three divisions namely: Administration, Operations and Knowledge Management and Communication Divisions. ZEC is headquartered at Mahachi Quantum Building in Harare. The Commission is decentralized to 10 provinces and 63 districts. Each province is headed by a Provincial Elections Officer while districts are headed by District Elections Officers.

Operations Division

This Division is responsible for the core function of the Commission, that is, the actual conduct and management of elections and referendums, elections logistics, voter education and voter registration and delimitation. It is headed by a Deputy Chief Elections Officer and has four (4) departments namely: – Elections and Training, Election Logistics, Voter Education, and Voter Registration and Delimitation.

Knowledge Management and Communication

This Division has the responsibility of monitoring and evaluating the implementation of electoral processes, conducting research and promoting gender mainstreaming in electoral processes. It is responsible for building a good corporate image and sustenance of relations with stakeholders through well-established communication channels. The Division also designs, develops, implements, manages and maintains systems and networks that facilitate efficiency in ICT usage throughout the Commission. It formulates ICT policies, strategies and procedures that ensure secure, proper usage and handling of ICT systems and equipment. It is headed by a Deputy Chief Elections Officer. It houses three departments namely; Research and Development, Information Communication and Technology and Public Relations.

Administration Division

This Division is headed by a Deputy Chief Elections Officer and is responsible for efficient and effective execution of the ZEC mandate as well as the strategic positioning of ZEC to attain its goals through the operations of two departments namely; the Administration and Human Resources Departments and the Security Section.

Other Departments

The Commission has other departments/sections that report directly to the CEO, namely; Finance Department, Legal Services Department, Office of the Secretary to the Commission, the Internal Audit and the Procurement Management Unit (PMU) sections.

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