To be a centre of excellence in the management of elections and referendums.
Zimbabwe Electoral CommisionZimbabwe Electoral CommisionZimbabwe Electoral Commision
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Zimbabwe Electoral CommisionZimbabwe Electoral CommisionZimbabwe Electoral Commision

Mrs Justice Priscilla Makanyara Chigumba (Chairperson)

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Honourable Mrs. Justice Priscilla Makanyara Chigumba is a Judge by profession. She kick started her career as a Professional Assistant at Messrs. Gollop and Blank Legal Practitioners in 1994 to 2000. She was then appointed Assistant Company Secretary at PG Industries Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd in 2000 before becoming a Proprietor in 2000 to 2002 at PM Chigumba and Associates Legal Practitioners in Harare Zimbabwe. Between 2004 and 2007 she worked as a Resident Magistrate at Harare Magistrates Civil Court before becoming a senior Research Assistant at Judicial Service Commission (JSC) – secondment to the Office of the Chief Justice in May 2011 to December 2012. Her grade was that of Provincial Magistrate.

She holds a Bachelor of Law (LLB) Hons. Degree accomplished from University of London; Kings College London. She also has other professional qualifications which include being an Associate of Kings College (AKC), registered to practice law in Zimbabwe in 1996, became a member of the Law Society of Zimbabwe in 1996, Legal Practitioner ,Notary public, Conveyancer, Commissioner of Oaths, Magistrate ( Justice of Peace) (2000-2011), Chief Researcher in the Office of the Chief Justice (2011-2012), Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe in Harare (2012 to date) and Professional Trainer of Magistrates (2015).

Honourable Justice Mrs. Priscilla Makanyara Chigumba was appointed and sworn in to be the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) Chairperson on 1 February 2018. Her responsibilities are to ensure that every citizen who is eligible to vote has an opportunity to cast a vote including persons living with disability or special needs. Her obligation is to oversee the conduct of free, fair and credible elections/ referendums in Zimbabwe. Her role as ZEC Chairperson also includes ensuring that elections/referendums are free from violence plus other electoral malpractices and to ensure that all eligible citizens are registered to vote. She is a strong advocate of integrity, honesty, fairness, accountability and has a high sense of social responsibility.

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