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Zimbabwe Electoral CommisionZimbabwe Electoral CommisionZimbabwe Electoral Commision

Six ZEC Commissioners Say Goodbye

The terms of office for six ZEC Commissioners have ended. The six whose terms of office expired on 6 July are Commissioners Daniel Chigaru, Joyce Laetitia Kazembe, Ngoni Kundidzora, Netsai Mushonga, Sibongile Ndlovu and Faith Sebata.

Commissioner D J Chigaru

Commissioner Daniel John Chigaru worked as a teacher, a director of various companies, the President of the Rotary Club and the General Manager of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair before joining  the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission in 2010. 

Commissioner Chigaru will be remembered for driving the ZEC Old Mutual Pension Fund and chairing the Admin and Human Resources Committee during his tenure of office.

Unforgettable is his contributions in shaping democracy through the engagement of stakeholders in the 2013 and 2018 general elections.  Commissioner Chigaru also led various observer missions including being the deputy head of mission for the last Municipal Elections in South Africa.

He supervised electoral activities in Matebeleland South and Bulawayo Metropolitan provinces.

Commissioner J L Kazembe

Commissioner Joyce Laetitia Kazembe started off her working career as a lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe before becoming  the Bureau Chief at the Southern African Political Economy Series (SAPES) Trust. As a renowned gender activist, researcher and fellow founder of a number of women’s organizations in Zimbabwe in the late 1980s and early 1990s, which include Women’s Action Group; Women and Law in Development in Africa; and Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA) she is committed to gender equality. She co-authored five WLSA research books on how law affects women differently in its application.

she was appointed Commissioner in the Electoral Supervisory Commission in 2000 before its dissolution in 2006. Subsequently, she was appointed Deputy Chairperson of the newly instituted Zimbabwe Electoral Commission from 2007 to the end of March 2016.  Under the 2013 Constitution she was eligible for re-appointment  for a further six year term in July 2016, a term which expired in July 2022.

During her tenure of office, Commissioner Kazembe was the Chairperson of the Media Monitoring Committee. She was also the Chairperson of the ZEC Public Relations and Communication Committee. Commissioner Kazembe was assigned with the duty of supervising electoral activities in Mashonaland West Province.

In recognition of her work and experience in electoral issues, she was given the responsibility of revising the Principles of Election Management, Monitoring and Observation for the SADC region.

Because of her confidence, alertness and candidness, she was nicknamed Chihera weSADC.

Commissioner Dr N Kundidzora

An intellectual, diplomatic cadre and  lawyer, Dr Ngoni Kundizora joined the Commission in 2016.  Prior to his engagement with ZEC he worked in various capacities in government in the initial years of this country as a young democracy.

Commissioner Kundidzora contributed immensely towards shaping media laws in Zimbabwe after lecturing in Media Law and subsequently setting up the law school at Great Zimbabwe University in 2002.

On the African continent, and particularly in Ethiopia, Dr Kundidzora headed the Institute of Federalism and Legal Studies.

The Commission appreciates his contributions as a member of the ZEC Pension fund and as a member of the Risk and Audit Committee.  Dr Kundidzora also chaired the Legal Committee and served as a member of the Voter Education and Registration Committee.  He also supervised electoral activities  in Manicaland Province.


Commissioner N Mushonga

Commissioner Netsai Mushonga joined the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission in 2016.

Upon joining the Commission, she did not hesitate to quickly engage in gender and inclusion programmes.  Her technical support to ZEC to develop a Gender and Inclusion Policy and Action plan is testimony of her commitment to see participation of women in electoral activities equalling that of their male counterparts.

Commissioner Mushonga also worked very hard to facilitate communication between the Commission and its stakeholders using modern communication platforms.  Through Twitter and Facebook, she was active in telling the ZEC story.

Her participation in topical electoral discussions on weekly Radio programmes is testimony of her passion for electoral stakeholder engagement and inclusion.  As Chairperson of the Audit and Risk Committee, Commissioner Mushonga was a steadfast proponent for internal controls and administrative accountability.

Commissioner Mushonga supervised electoral activities in Mashonaland Central Province.

Commissioner S Ndlovu

Having been a school head, Commissioner Sibongile Ndlovu’s first assignment on electoral duties was in 1995 as an electoral officer.  She was also an election monitor in 2002 and in 2005 under the then Electoral Supervisory Commission.

In 2007 she became deputy Provincial Elections Officer for Bulawayo Metropolitan Province in the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission before holding the post of District Elections Officer for the same province in 2008. In 2010 she was appointed ZEC Commissioner, a post she held till July 2022.

During her stint as Commissioner, she served the Audit and Risk, Voter Education and Voter Registration Committees.  Commissioner Ndlovu also led various electoral observation teams in the SADC region during her tour of duty.

Commissioner Ndlovu made valuable contributions towards the development of the first ZEC Strategic Plan. She supervised electoral activities in Matebeleland North and Bulawayo Provinces. She is a devout Christian.

Commissioner Faith Sebata

Commissioner Faith Sebata is an educationist who headed several schools in Matebeleland before joining the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission as Director Voter Education in 2008. Her exposure in the education sector culminated into the Voter Education by Celebrities programme featuring the likes of Peter Ndlovu and Rosemary Mugadza.  The “Score one for Team Zimbabwe” Voter Education Campaign trended well in 2008.

She became ZEC Commissioner in 2016.

As Commissioner, Mrs Sebata was an active member of the Voter Education Committee. She supervised electoral activities in Mashonaland East Province.

The Commission would like to wish all the outgoing commissioners well in their post-ZEC engagements.